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When to Refinance Your Auto Loan

One of the best things about refinancing your auto loan – besides lowering your monthly payment – is that it’s a relatively quick and painless process. Unlike refinancing your mortgage, there’s no appraisal and fees are minimal. But is refinancing right for you? It may be, especially if you find yourself in any of the

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What to Do If Your Car Loan Application Is Rejected?

Having a car loan application rejected isn’t fun, but it’s also not necessarily the end of your dream to own a vehicle. If you’ve applied for financing to buy a car and have been rejected, here’s what you can do. Find Out Why You Were Rejected Begin by finding out why you were rejected and

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Nissan Financing: New Versus Used Car Loans

Before you set out to purchase a new or used vehicle from your local Elgin or St. Charles dealership, there are some importance differences in Nissan financing options between new and used cars. Lenders use two different sets of rules for valuing and assessing car loans depending on whether it is used or new. For

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