Does Bad Credit Mean Riding the Bus?

bad credit

Having bad credit doesn’t relegate you to public transportation. At McGrath Nissan, we’ve gotten many drivers in St. Charles, Elgin and Bartlett into vehicles despite low credit scores. Here’s why we can almost always help drivers find a vehicle no matter what their credit is like.

Nissans Available in Many Price Ranges

To start with, we have a wide selection of Nissans available in many different price ranges. In addition to our new vehicles, we also have lots of certified pre-owned and pre-owned models. The certified pre-owned models are an especially good value, as they’re typically thousands of dollars less than new models yet still come with generous warranties. Pre-owned models are often our most affordable models, and we frequently have several pre-owned vehicles below $10,000.

In short, because of our large inventory, we almost certainly have a vehicle that fits your budget regardless of how large or small it is. You don’t need the financial resources to afford a house in order to purchase a car.

Pre-Qualify for Financing Online

Next, it’s easy to find out where you stand with financing. A simple, three-step process makes it easy to apply for pre-approval, and you’ll find out whether you qualify for financing almost instantly. In many cases, even drivers who have credit concerns still easily qualify for pre-approval.

If you’re pre-approved, you’ll definitely be able to get financing for a Nissan. No matter what your credit looks like, buying a car with bad credit won’t be a problem.

Work with the Finance Department

Even if you don’t, though, that doesn’t mean you’re fully rejected. Our finance department is here to help. In many cases, they’re able to get drivers who weren’t pre-qualified financing for a vehicle. Depending on your situation, they might:

  • recommend looking for a cosigner
  • be able to adjust your financing terms
  • suggest other lenders who will approve you

Because our finance department has many resources at its disposal, our team can usually find financing that drivers qualify for — even if they weren’t initially pre-approved.

Lease Instead of Finance

Alternatively, leasing may be an easier option to qualify for than financing. A lease will provide you with a low monthly payment, and you’ll end up paying less since you aren’t purchasing the car outright. Leasing isn’t right for everyone, as it comes with mileage restrictions. For most drivers, though, these restrictions aren’t a significant concern and leasing provides more affordable terms than financing.

Buying a Car with Bad Credit at McGrath Nissan

If you’re St. Charles, Elgin or Bartlett, come talk to the finance department at McGrath Nissan today. Our team members would be happy to discuss your credit concerns with you and help you find a viable solution to owning a vehicle. You’ll likely find out that buying a car with bad credit is much easier than you think. After reviewing your options with them, take a look at the Nissans that are available in your price range. At 945 East Chicago Street in Elgin, the dealership’s just a short drive away.